Thursday, January 14, 2010


Some lucky choc-o-holic is going to recieve this card - YUM!
These Sweet Treat Cups are perfect for many things but I think these mini M&M's are my favourite.

This is the card we made at my Fancy Folds class last night, and I think it was pretty popular...
The Sweet Treat cups are really good value at $7.75 for 12 and they are great fun to use.
Look out for my next post using the cups....

This card also has a little sliding door on the inside so you can enjoy the treats without damaging the card - perfect!

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  1. Your class ladies would have been thrilled with this! Who doesn't like to play with chocolate! I really like your idea of putting a slit in the body of the card for your tag. instead of out the side as I keep doing. Great job!